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Shopping For Perfumes – 5 Rules You Should Follow

Shopping For Perfumes – 5 Rules You Should Follow

By on Jan 4, 2016 in Shopping |

Having your own, distinct perfume, is not just a fashion statement. Perfume also tells a lot about your personality. Often people get perfume is as gifts, however, you should choose your own perfume, since in this way you will definitely express your own character.
Shopping for a perfume however, is anything but easy. In fact, a lot of people are having serious trouble when they are shopping for perfumes, because they don’t know these five rules. If you manage to stick to these five rules, you will definitely increase your chances of success, and buy the most perfect perfume for yourself.

1. The Early Birdperfume_bottle-wide2
Our senses are the sharpest in the morning, and this person they kill early applies to our sense of smell. It is not the same to smell a perfume in the morning and in the evening. In the morning we are much more aware of the smell and it makes the task of shopping for a perfume much easier. This is precisely why it’s advisable to go shopping for a perfume early in the morning.

2. Too Much, Too Soon In addition to that, you should not put on too many perfume is at once. If you put on too many perfume is in one shopping spree, you will get genuinely confused when it comes to your taste and the perfume is that you have tried on. The worst case scenario is that your sense of smell simply stops working at one point. For the majority of people this happens after smelling approximately four or five different perfumes. In order to not make a mistake when shopping for perfumes, make sure that you don’t try out more than 2-3 perfumes per a shopping spree.

3. Your Skin RulesPerfume-Spritz
You know those strips you get in a perfume store, well forget about it. They won’t tell you how the perfume smells on your skin, and each skin is different. Your natural oils, your sweat – it all influences the end result of a perfume on your skin. If you want to be able to make the best possible assessment, make sure that you spray some perfume on your skin. In addition to that, as time goes by perfumes wear off, and they change the smell. By spraying some amount of perfume on a strip you will be able to also assess how it will smell when it wears off.

4. Trust Your Instincts It is easy to make a mistake when buying a perfume. You get all confused by all these different bottles and smell and marketing, that you sometimes buy something you don’t really like. It is important to trust your instincts in situations like these. Make sure that you don’t get carried away by marketing experts and they fancy, glittery commercials. Close your eyes and trust your senses.

5. Take It Slow
Unless you have to buy a perfume like yesterday, I advise that you take it slowly. Buying a perfume is a process, and it takes time. Visit several different stores, try out several perfumes, and take your time. In this way you won’t make a mistake of buying a perfume you absolutely dislike.