The Un-horrifying Zombie Apocalypse of World War Z

World War Z is a post apocalyptic movie made in 2013 as a film adaptation of Max Brooks’s apocalyptic horror novel published in 2006. The producer of the movie is Brad Pitt, who also plays the role of the main hero of the movie.

If you are a hardcore fan of horror movies you might be disappointed by the un-horrifying storyline of zombie apocalypse survival in World War Z. The heart of the tale is a family story. The movie has plenty of focus on the characters’ emotional plight. World War Z is more than just another zombie movie. I’m a huge fan of horror movies and I loved World War Z despite the fact the zombie apocalypse depicted in the movie is an un-horrifying one. In World War Z we don’t see much of society’s breakdown, as we were used in other zombie movies or post apocalyptic movies. Gerry, the main hero of the movie is a soft and sensitive New Age type of guy, who doesn’t use a gun, enjoys vegetarian food and love to cook for his kids. The PG-13 rating makes the movie suitable for younger teens too. The movie could be decrypted more as a crossover between action adventure and thriller genres rather than a horror movie. That makes World War Z have a wider appeal for the mainstream public, more than a typical zombie movie could have.

World War Z manages to be a good quality and entertaining movie without to use the cliché of a worldwide war against zombies, with lots of blood and scary scenes. The terror comes more from the tome and ideas than from graphic violence. The plot of the movie turns around the character Gerry, a guy who makes a deal to have his family protected if he agrees to return in service for UN. All his actions are meant to make the world a safer place for his family. The film begins with the rioting in the streets seen on TV while Gerry is preparing breakfast for his family. The humans are affected by a global pandemic that spreads through bites. Gerry Lane and his family are racing through the chaos on the streets and the thrilling begins as it’s hard to tell who’s human and who’s zombie. The shaky camera action adds to suspense.

Gerry Lane starts his search for a cure and we follow the hero around the globe. He’s always keeping on touch with his family left home via the satellite phone. Gerry travels from country to country in his quest to find the first of the zombies, the “patient zero”. The movie turns mostly around the character interpreted by Pitt, Gerry Lane, and his story during this apocalyptic time. That makes it less horror but more realistic and deep. The unwillingness of the action hero to wear a weapon is atypical in a world ruled by flesh eating zombies. He is also an atypical hero because he claims himself he’s no hero and he doesn’t have an interest in saving the world but all he wants is to keep safe his loved ones.

Things I Have Learned From My Zombie Girlfriend

I have learned a few very important life lessons from my zombie girlfriend. This may sound funny to some readers and I suppose it should be that way. Even so, I believe I should share these little truths about human and zombie relationships, so that others can benefit from the things I have learned from her. I believe that living with my zombie girlfriend has made me a better person, but also prepared me to survive the immanent zombie apocalypse. So here are a few details about zombies that all humans really need to know.

The first thing is that zombies have a softer side to them. Once you get past the brain eating thing, it is clear that zombies just want to enjoy living or being undead, as it were. Newly risen zombies immediately want to eat, so much that their hunger seems unending. After a few decent meals though, the average zombie wants to partake in other activities that humans equally enjoy. This includes listening to music, going to parties and their particularly favorite activity, dancing the night away. Zombies love dancing at clubs, concerts or anywhere with good music. My zombie girlfriend has an affinity for reggae and electronica, but will dance to anything with a good beat.

The second thing is that zombies have many things in common with human beings. Zombies love non-verbal activities like playing video games, or anything that involves using mobile electronic devices. My zombie girlfriend loves her mobile phone and will not leave home without it. The zombie population also love to go for long walks in the outdoors. In fact, this is probably their favorite daily activity, according to my zombie girlfriend. Also zombies seem to have fashion sense, I say this because you never see zombies that are naked and some of them are better dressed than the average human being. This is obvious when you see my zombie girlfriend out in public, even her rotting corpse is dressed well enough to turn a few human heads.

The third thing is that zombies have much to teach us about life. Zombies are not racist, sexist, prejudiced about religion, and they generally obey the law. Zombies do not succumb to addictions, therefore they do not need counseling or twelve step meetings. Yet the number one thing we can learn from zombies is that they get along with one another, you will never see two zombies fighting over anything or arguing with one another. Also zombies never talk too much, raise their voice, use fowl language or speak out of turn. In fact, most zombies hardly ever talk at all. These are all life lessons that I have learned from my zombie girlfriend by observation.

Overall, I believe that human beings will have a better chance of surviving the zombie apocalypse, if they try to learn from the zombies that they know. Try to understand your zombie friends, family members, boyfriends and girlfriends. It could save your life one day soon.

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Course

Many people believe that the annihilation of zombies is a simple matter: if an individual destroys the undead monstrosity’s brain, they will kill the zombie. However, when an individual is faced with the zombie apocalypse, they aren’t dealing with one abomination, they will be dealing with many. When faced with swarms of the undead, there is no such thing as being prepared well enough to survive the onslaught. At that point, it becomes imperative to take a zombie apocalypse survival course in order to ensure survival. When a person does not know what they need in order to beat the odds, the likelihood of surviving an attack becomes slim, unless an individual’s plan of action is to actually join the zombie masses, rather than surviving as a human.

One of the most important things to do while dealing with impending doom is to gather food and water. Because most people this day and age do not know how to forage for food, one of the great things about modern society is that there are many homes, gas stations and stores that can be looted. When raiding a building for supplies, a person needs to remember that they need to take only the basics. Food and something to drink are the most important things to find, along with some way to defend oneself against zombie attacks.

Just about anything can be used successfully when defending oneself against the undead. While horror movies insist that guns are the only way to defeat the enemy hoard, that is not true. Yes, firearms offer a ton of advances against brain-eating undead, but a crowbar, tire iron or baseball bat can work wonders as well. Rocks and other projectiles only serve to confuse and irritate the undead and people do not want to get close enough to a zombie to use a knife, because the risk for infection is too high. After securing a bashing tool or firearm, there is one key thing to remember in order to survive an attack: always aim or swing at a zombie’s head. Destroy the brain and the zombie will go down.

It is completely true that there is safety in numbers. When dealing with the zombie apocalypse, the more friends an individual is with, the easier it will be to survive. However, everyone needs to remember that freak accidents are known to happen at inopportune times. When and if a friend starts drooling all over themselves, has bloodshot eyes, cannot walk a straight line and is incapabel of uttering more than a few syllables, they did not find a secret stash of liquor. They have been turned into a zombie. Friends don’t let friends eat brains, so that person has to be dealt with, for the betterment of humankind. If a cute little puppy or even a kitten starts to make funny noises and lunges for a person’s head, it is important to remember: even animals can become zombies.

Something else that people need to remember during a zombie apocalypse is that they need to seek shelter. While most people might try to build a shelter out of material they find or to put a tent up, there is absolutely no reason to do so. Instead, they should seriously consider taking over a building, house or even a motel. It is a much better idea to have a good night’s sleep before fighting zombies, than sleeping extremely poorly on the cold ground.

What is a zombie?

We see them in Horror movies and many people choose to dress up as them for All Hallows Eve but what is a zombie? Pale, disheveled and full of cuts and sores – one thing is for sure and that’s that they are not the most attractive creatures in the world! Zombies are basically dead people who have been infected with a disease of some sort which makes them literally become the living dead! They are well known for walking slowly with their arms out in front of them, crying out and searching for victims to feast upon. Feast upon, I hear you ask? Yes, that’s right – A zombies food of choice is the human brain. Yummy! If a zombie simply chooses to bite you however, you will turn into one of them and so the hunted becomes the hunter. Which is better, to be eaten alive by a zombie or to become one yourself and attack human beings with no conscience including your own friends and family? I think you will agree that neither of those choices are great so your last option is to get away from the zombies.

Although they walk slowly, they usually travel in groups so if you think that you will be able to outrun them then think again! They seem to multiply rapidly so wherever you are turn, a zombie is guaranteed to be lurking. Zombies nowadays have also become faster and are not the stupid beings that they were years ago. You could try hiding of course but it’s likely that the zombies will smell your blood from a mile away, you need to come out sooner or later and you will soon become their next meal. If you take the decision to attack the zombies and overpower them then that might prove rather difficult and you will need a large team of people to do so. You see zombies are extremely hard to “kill” because technically they are already dead. Hurting them, beating them, drowning them, setting them on fire and stabbing them will not work. You can even cut off a zombies leg and he would still drag himself across the floor obliviously in order to get to you. The only way to “kill” a zombie is to destroy his brain and the best way to do that is a shotgun to the head. If you kill one, be prepared for the others to come after you even stronger than before!

The truth is if zombies took over, you would be extremely unlikely to survive. Only the best can outsmart zombies and even those people would likely be mentally damaged for life because of the ordeal that they had to go through. On that note – please don’t let this frighten you, you wanted to know what is a zombie and I am simply telling you. However you can breathe a sigh of relief because these ugly, dark and deadly creatures are simply the work of fiction existing only in movies, books and nightmares. Well I can’t say that for definite of course but I’ve never seen one, have you?